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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Teese me with Follies...

Dita Von Teese

Last Friday, I was invited to my first Media/Press call where the divine Dita Von Teese was launching and presenting her Von Follies lingerie collection with Target. Excited as ever, I woke up early did some research about Dita and her collection, got ready- spending ages to find a dress to wear and headed to Target's Chapel Street store. Us media people were packed into the makeshift media pit in the Target store where a white table and chairs were set up on a podium waiting for Dita's arrival. There was something electric in the air, be it from journalists and bloggers steadying themselves in front of the podium with their writing gear and recorders, or, from the throng of photographers waiting outside but most importantly from the 50 lucky fans standing behind us. Some of them had been waiting since early morning and others had dressed in a 40's-50's fashion, sported their hair like Dita and wore striking red lipstick.

Dita Von Teese finally arrived, slowly strutting the black carpet smiling at the photographers making her way to the podium, where she stood for 5 minutes while photographers, journalists, bloggers and fans snapped in a frenzy of flashes, clicks and snaps while the queen of the hour kept her cool working the room with her sparkly eyes and subtle smile. She was dressed in a purple dress with a striking bouquet of purple flowers pinned at the top, a black lace overwire bra peeking above her dress and Christian Louboutin shoes adorning her feet. Dita kept it simple, no jewellery except a ring on her right hand and her flawless complexion shining under the the flash of the cameras. In Melbourne to present the collection for a runway show in collaboration with Target at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Von Teese, who strutted the catwalk in her lingerie items on that occasion made it a must to do a launch at a Target store.
Dita Von Teese and models

She then proceeded to talk about her collection with the MC; the inspiration for the Von Follies range comes from her own private vintage lingerie collection as she has a long time love for lingerie.Even though the collection combines sophistication and sensuality she wants the pieces to be wearable and functional and they are designed for women of all shapes, age or ethnicity. She was then joined on stage for a photo op by 3 models each of them having different body shapes and wearing full sets of the lingerie collection. her message was simple, it is important for a woman to find their exact size when it comes to lingerie, not just what we think is our size. We should get fitted and wear what actually best fits us to achieve the best results.

About her collaboration with Target she told the audience it was a simple choice. She humbly stated that she is lucky that the retail chain is happy to carry her range, and that they display the items how she wants to see them in the shops. She also praised Melbourne women on their touch of feminity. There was also a focus on the overwire bra she was wearing, which is by the way her favorite piece of the collection as she loves the structure in the bra. She shared with us her obsession with overwired bras, which she has been researching on Ebay for the past 20years and jokingly credits herself for maybe owning most of them that featured on the site. Her new range of dresses have plunging necklines to allow the bra to peek off on the top, and this design of the bra has been refined over the years to achieve a smooth and delicate look. While talking she would often slightly pull the top of her dress down a little bit to reveal more of the delicate lace on the bra, not in an over the top exhibitionist way; but in a slow sensual way with a flirty look on her face. At that point in time, she reminded me of a brunette Marilyn Monroe, but also got my imagination racing wondering what her burlesque shows might look like.

The overwire bra on display at Target

Dita Von Teese really impressed me during that hour, she seemed kind and patient, answered questions from journalists with a smile and genuinely seemed like she wanted to be there with us even joking that she has never been caught wearing mix matched lingerie. Dita finished the Q&A session with a few noteworthy advices to the audience namely to always buy 2 panties for every lingerie set- incase the dog runs off with one of the panties, and most importantly to have fun being a woman. She has that raw effortless seduction that could send anyone into overdrive but not once did she abuse of it; instead she was very ladylike with grace and elegance to make any high society girl gaudy in comparison. Once questions were answered and we knew everything we wanted about the line, she humbly thanked everyone for being there and proceeded to take a seat at a table while her waiting fans one by one went up to meet her, snap a picture and exchange a few words. 

I walked around admiring the collection on display, the lingerie had an iconic vintage feel true to Dita's style and had glamorous touches like velvet ribbons, delicate lace and control mesh. They seemed to greatly enhance the feminine silhouette but most importantly were smooth in texture and seemed fit for everyday wear under clothes. Seeing that the line of fans was nearly over I decided to go meet her and say hi, if I was already in awe the phrases we exchanged completely seduced me. She noticed we were wearing the same colour and complimented the choice of colour and how stylish I looked, we exchanged a few more words and posed for a picture which my mother- currently on holidays in Melbourne and who I dragged along with me snapped. Upon saying the person taking the picture is my mum, she asked to meet her and told her 'You have a lovely daughter, I'm loving her colours.' We each received a personally dedicated poster and headed off with huge smiles on our face.

With the beautiful Dita Von Teese and our matching purple dresses

My dedicated poster

To sum up, my first press call was a hit , I got to meet the lovely Dita Von Teese and impressed by the range of exquisite lingerie on display I walked away with two of her bras, one of them the overwire bra which I can't wait to show off under a crisp white shirt,skinny jeans and sexy pumps or one of my low hanging dresses. Dita Von Teese's Von Follies lingerie collection can be found at Target and for such good quality pieces the prices are quite affordable. Ladies, it is worth checking out, buying and wearing!!

For more details about the collection and to just have a browse without leaving your couch, click below.


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