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Monday, 24 October 2011

Andrea Klarin- Photographer

I recently became familiar with the work of Andrea Klarin, a Fashion photographer who's work is truely inspiring. Klarin was born in Belgrade and at the age of 22 decided to pursue studies in photography at Belgium's INRACI.

Klarin describes his work as a constant need to move and evolve and this can easily be seen in his pictures; some of them being featured below. These ideologies are very representative of the Fashion world, which is always on the move and constantly evolving. Not having had a formal apprenticeship by assisting a photographer, he used fashion magazines as his main education, calling the different editions of Vogue (Italian, German & French) his Bible of Fashion Photography.

Klarin also states that he idealizes beauty and elegance, and his pictures are definite reflections of elegance,chic and glamour.

below are a few pictures of  Andrea Klarin's work that i have selected. Enjoy!

I really like how Klarin uses contrast in his Black and White pictures.

His use of Angles really draws attention, and how he uses the model's figure as a contrast to the background.

Andrea Klarin has photographed several celebrities; Christian Louboutin , pictured below with one of his famous red soled shoes is only one of them.

He has also worked with fashion brands to create Advertising campaigns. This picture for Swarovski embodies all Klarin is about- elegance, chic and movement.

For more of the Photographer's work, please click on the following link:


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