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Monday, 24 October 2011

Product Review 24 Oct

Being in PR, I spend a lot of time Media Monitoring and a component of this activity is, dissecting TV commercials to get new ideas and inspirations. I have seen the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation advert a few times but never really gave it a thought, as I was very satisfied with my usual brand of Clinique Perfectly real Makeup.

Link to the Maybelline advert:

On a shopping trip last week, I came across the Maybelline Display and decided to give it a try. Already, while trying it on my hand it felt really nice and the tone blended well to my skin. The price being ridiculously good I decided to buy it...

The next morning I took a massive gamble deciding not to wear my usual foundation to work but to instead use the Maybelline one. My foundation brush dabbed into the thin liquid it easily slid on my face.The whole experience of applying foundation was very enjoyable as it felt light and airy. Looking at myself in the mirror I realized how well the product blended with my skin tone and there was no real difference, the texture was just amazing it felt light, creamy and smooth plus it gave a satin like finish to my face and neck area.
The fact that it does not cake or blotch is perfect, specially for a long day.

The only thing is, the foundation being oily, it can have a tendency of making your eye liner seem slightly runny. The best remedy for that, is to go easy on the product around the eye area and then dab your under eye with powder to give it a a mattifying effect. Upon trying this, runny eyeliner was no longer an issue.

I would recommend the product to people who have normal to dry skin. You will love the texture, the lightness of the product and the overall look. It might be a bit too much for people with oily skin types.

Maybelline Fit Me claims that it :

  • Matches natural tone
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Lets skin breath
And that is exactly what it does!Just make sure to carefully select the right tone that will Fit You!

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