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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Diving for McQueen...

Cathy Horyn, the fashion journalist for The New York Times managed to enter the inner sanctum of the Alexander McQueen Atelier and the result is this short film clip of a conversation she had with Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.
Sarah Burton explains the marine-inspired Spring 2012 collection and some of the work that goes into creating the beautiful pieces.

This video gives us a glimpse of the talent of both these women, Sarah Burton as the creative director of one of the most successful fashion houses and Cathy Horyn as a fashion critic who's opinion is highly noted in the industry. They also provide invaluable advice to young people who want to craft a career in fashion or fashion journalism.

There is no denying Sarah Burton is doing great job keeping Lee McQueen's memory alive through her creativity, inspiration and talent.

Dustin Lynn the creator of this film captured not only the essence of the Spring collection but also the essence of these two women. Because after all ‘The McQueen woman has to feel powerful. She’s never a girly girl, she’s always a woman.'

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