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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Put a sock on it!

Socks... They are usually used for comfort or to warm our little feet, this essential clothing item is quickly becoming a fashion staple!

With the weather cooling down in the southern hemisphere and well, still remaining cold in the Northern...i thought i would post some pictures about this trend and give you all some inspiration on how to amend your summer wardrobe to slowly slide into Autumn. Vice versa for my Northern hemisphere friends, this is a good way to keep your pins warm while slowly slowly edging into Spring. Not a very glamorous item, would you say? well if you match it with the right kind of clothes, you can achieve a very glamorous and unique look.

My inspiration for this post is Rihanna, who attracted my attention to this trend. RiRi, is one hell of a style queen, even though I personally would not wear most of the clothes she wears. No matter how girly her outfit, she is often seen wearing socks with her pumps of stilettos, and this is a good way of copying the star's style without being too over the top! In the pictures below we can see her rocking beige, brown and red pumps with different colors of socks.

This trend has been around for a while, and is seeing a resurgence recently with countless celebrities sporting them out and about. So my advice when it comes to socks, is to think out of the box, try to mix and match it with your shorts, skirts and dresses.You can achieve so many different looks with this accessory. Glamorous and urban-chic celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker, is always one to spot and wear the latest trends as pictured below.

What is good with this sock trend is that, there are different varieties of socks, short and tall ones with different fabrics and a large array of prints and there is surely something to match each and everyone's personality and fashion sense. Personally my favorite look, is a girly cotton dress matched with ankle white or beige socks, pair them with high heels and you are sure to attract attention to your legs by giving the illusion of having shapely calves!!

Men are not left out of the equation, just a look at the male models strutting the runways and you can see that socks are taking an all important place in their wardrobe, not by necessity but more as a fashion accessory. Dark suits are matched to colorful socks to add some zest to their outfits, or colors are clashed to create the most dramatic and attention grabbing style.

Dolce & Gabanna

I must say if used creatively, this is one very sexy style. Take  Ed Westwick a.k.a Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass for example, he has an impeccable sense of style on the show and is always perfectly dressed just like the whole cast actually! Chuck is always seen wearing bright green, red, pink or printed socks matched with his exquisitely tailored pants and suits to create a unique look. Edgy and Urban or Sleek, the men are sure to find something to match their personalities.

So ladies and gents, put a sock on it and get creative! I leave you with a picture of myself sporting the trend. This was taken a while ago with my stylish girls on our way out...notice the cute, ankle lace socks matched with the shoes and the top?

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