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Monday, 20 February 2012

Trends 2012 Part 1- Mermaid Trend

Fashion weeks are happening around the world, with New York freshly over and London kick starting with glamorous Stella McCartney parties and over the top runway shows.

With the fashion week spirit, I wanted to treat my followers to a little pre-view of what will be trending and will be seen in shops this year. The trends being very elaborate and having a lot of components, the posts will be in parts- each addressing a different fashion trend. Hoping to inspire you all and give you great ideas using your wardrobe, or a new excuse to shop. If this is something that is of interest, then read on!
Manish Arora for Paco Rabanne

While summer is still here in Australia, the first post will be about the Mermaid trend. This has been around since 2011 and has slowly slowly been edging into mainstream fashion. The colours range from bright aqua to a light sea foam hue with a slight metallic touch to it, a bit like the slight oceanic waves on a bright summer day.The Manish Arora dress above, even though a perfect representation of the Mermaid trend might be fairly above budget for most of us! What I would advise is go with a more budget conscious version with this TFNC dress; it is a metallics dress in a soft green hue. The cut of the dress is also very attractive with a V neckline and all over pleats, the high waist and tulip skirt also makes that it can be flattering to any body type.

The trend is not only in the colours but also the shapes and cuts of the garments. The Golden Globes red carpet has never been strutted along by so many 'Mermaids', actually starlets wearing fishtail gowns! They were surely not shy about the colours, some being bold and flashy while others went with the ocean theme and stuck with more aquatic tones.

More examples of the cuts are below with this Asos pencil dress, in a light foamy and sea shell colour. The cut is very modern with slight pleats. If you want the high end version of this dress, do not fret as Versace presented this little white number on the right at his S/S 2012 'Under The Sea' collection. The cuts of both these dresses are kind of similar and remind of seashells or soft waves.
Versace Dress
Asos Dress

I really like the scalloped sequinned tank top below, it reminds me of wavy shallow sea water...and has a very vintage look to it! You can pair these types of tops with pants, skirts or shorts as pictured below and achieve different styles.
Nasty Gal top

The easiest way to get inspiration is through your favourite fashion magazines, they are the first to report runways shows and the latest trends. The celebrities took the mermaid trend up a notch by not only adapting their wardrobe to it; but their hair too! Lauren Conrad tweeted a picture of her gorgeous locks, she wowed us with the Rainbow Mermaid hair, done with a technique called the Dip Dye. The result is just amazing and I wish she kept it for longer. Katy  Perry, big fan of colours recently appeared on red carpets sporting bright blue hair. Unfortunately I do not think it suits her as much as her gorgeous black mane or even the brief pink/purple tint she was sporting at the end of 2011.

Lauren Conrad's beautiful mermaid hair

Katy Perry

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