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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nail it!

Nail Polish is the one accessory you can never have enough of; it can complement your outfit or be the 'wow' factor in your look. Best of all, it is cheap enough that you can stock up on all kinds of different shades and colors and change color every day according to your mood.

I got the idea of this blog post while watching the Golden Globes, specially Zooey Deschanel's hands. Miss Deschanel was sporting cute little tuxedos painted on her nails and that really inspired me to do some research and share with you my finds of what will be the biggest nail trends on 2012!!

To Start off, Orange, tangerine and bright corals will be everywhere on Fashion fanatics well-manicured hands this year. The Dior and OPI nail polish in the pictures below have been matched with the same tone of lipstick to create a very retro chic look


Glitter is all the rage, be it in clothing or accessories department, it is only fair that nails get a touch of shimmer too! But prepare yourself for variations in 2012 with colorful glitters or 3D effects.

3D DSquared nails
Minx Nails

The biggest and newest trend as far as nails are concerned is something I like to call foundation tones, as the focus of the nail polish is to match your skin tone. The popularity of these tones is rising as it can sometimes give the illusion of skin continuing therefor lengthening your fingers! Below are a few pictures of different nude skin matching nail colors.

Derek Lam

Phillip Lim
2012 will be about the color green with a creamy undertone but at the same time have lots of opacity so that the nail polish really stands out on your nails.
Bright Neons will also be all the rage, with a fresh take on the 80's highlighter type colors mixed with white pigments to create a more modern and grown up take. Below is a picture of the shade i am wearing right now, and it is a mix of both trends...the Greens and the Bright Neons. Color blocking it with bright pink, white or orange clothing will guarantee the desired effect of attracting attention to your beautiful nails.

Not one prone to change? Well, do not despair as all the favorite pastels, which brings a touch of muted sophistication to any look, are coming back in 2012. Whereas Hot pink and Fuchsia will be the girly shade of the season.

Personally, I am still hooked on the Gold shades and cannot wait for Chanel's new nail polish Diwali to hit the stores this year. Whatever your tastes or skin tone, use this little guide to claw your way through 2012 with minimum effort and without spending too much!

Diwali by Chanel

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