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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I recently received the latest Marc Jacobs Perfume- Daisy Eau So Fresh, as a gift.

Knowing this perfume is meant for a younger demographic to which I don't belong (18-25) I was not particularly excited. After the polite smile and thank you I proceeded to open the box to reveal the cutest perfume bottle ever!

The feel of the white rubber Takashi Murakami daisies, and the slightly pinkish bottle go very well together. I instantly fell in love with the bottle and its cap. It was time to try the perfume, and to my surprise it had a very fresh scent. Not the fruity,overpoweringly sweet smell I expected it to have; instead it was a very pleasant and clean smell. It is the kind of perfume you would want to wear on a warm summer day, as it instantly made me think of green spaces, a soft breeze and I was sold.

The nose is said to have a Top of sparkling Raspberry, Grapefruit and Pear; a Mid of Wild Rose, Violet and Apple Blossom plus an elegant Base with notes of Cedar Wood and Musks.

I have to say with the weather in Melbourne warming up, I am glad I have my Daisy Eau So Fresh as it is perfect for a day at work, casual lunch or afternoon drinks with friends and even for a casual evening of dining out as it is not over powering but definitely stays on for long.

The Daisy Eau So Fresh advert


  1. I've also recently been given the Marc Jacobs as a gift by a friend and you know what, I am absolutely in love with it, so light and fresh.But it reminds my boyfriend about his ex as she used the same perfume. Would you recommend me not using it??

  2. I find that each Perfume smells differently on different keep using it and make new memories, soon he will associate the scent to you only!


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